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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving…

Happy Thanksgiving From Reel Keeper Realty Thanksgiving is such an important time to give thanks for the many blessings in our lives.  We are most thankful for are our Buyers & Sellers.  Without you, there would be no Reel Keeper … [Read More...]

What's Mine is Mine

What’s Mine is Mine – Right?…

When getting ready to sell your home, it’s important to know what is yours to keep and what is required to be left behind for the new owners.   In Real Estate, the word ‘convey’ is used to describe what will be included in the … [Read More...]

Goals Reached

What Sets Reel Keeper Realty Apart……

Not to give ourselves a pat on the back, but Reel Keeper Realty has reached a new and important milestone...     Many charities were hit hard in the economic downturn and struggled to continue to help those most in … [Read More...]

Short Sale

The Truth about Short Sales…

The Truth about Short Sales Many buyers think short sales are the way to go to get a deal on a home.  While that may have been true in 2010, it’s not necessarily the case today.  A short sale is when a homeowner owes more on his/her home … [Read More...]

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