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Make a Good First Impression

Check Out The Curb Appeal on That Home ;)…

Our title might be a little ‘tongue-in-cheek’, but curb appeal is a very real part of your home’s marketing plan. Whether a Buyer is looking at your home online or driving by, the first impression can make all the … [Read More...]

Pick Me - Pick Me

Pick Me – Pick Me!…

At times, as Buyers, you have put your best foot forward, and not only submit a strong offer. But, you still want to do something to set your offer apart from any others. One way we recommend, is to put together a Buyer Letter to give the … [Read More...]

Spring has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung…

And so has the home buying market…   As we once again begin to reflect our title as the ‘Sunshine State’, it’s much easier for Buyers to see available homes with the warm weather and extended daytime hours. However, even though we … [Read More...]

Hungry To Sell Your Home?

Hungry To Find A Buyer?…

Try some of these improvements and ideas to help set your home apart...   Many of our Seller’s trying to sell their home have asked us what kind of improvements can attract a Buyer to get them top dollar. One of the top … [Read More...]

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