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For over a decade, we have been “Opening Doors” for our customers, neighbors, friends, and family. With the launch of Reel Keeper Realty in 2012, we are continuing to open those doors but at the same time providing a ‘Win-Win Difference’ and leading the way to “Giving Back” to our community.

As we have already demonstrated with over $40 Million in closed real estate transactions, we bring you the best experience, knowledge, know-how, dependability and trustworthy first-class service. With our unique ‘one-on-one’ approach, not only do we present the expertise you need to navigate through today’s complex Real Estate Marketplace with unmatched results, but we also provide the opportunity to support the community organization of ‘your’ choice.

Our team focuses on helping you while at the same time encourages the support of charitable organizations, neighborhood schools & churches. Ultimately, this can give Buyers and Sellers a more gratifying experience while in the process of buying or selling a home. It is a very simple process. For each transaction we represent -we rebate a portion of our earned commissions to ‘you’ -which then gets donated in ‘your’’ name towards the organization ‘you’ choose at the closing. Given the opportunity, everyone likes to be part of giving back to the community so we have created this simple solution.

To put us to work for you, or for more information on our buyer and seller services, please call us at 904.414.4000 or you can email us at info@ReelKeeper.com.




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