Reel Keeper Referral Network


Do you have either an current ACTIVE or current INACTIVE Florida Real Estate License?  If so, you may want to consider joining our ‘Network’ of Top Paid Referral Agents.

The good news is there are NO monthly or annual dues/fees…   $ ZERO $

NO Board dues.

NO Realtor dues.

NO Initial Sign-up fee.

NO Desk fee.

NO Transaction fees.

Your everyday personal and professional network can earn you up to a  25% ‘Referral Commission’ when the transaction closes.

You do not have to…

(1) give up you current occupation

(2) show a home

(3) worry about attending a Home Inspection

(4) process any paperwork

(5) attend the closing

You will have nothing to do, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING…except ONE thing -collect your ‘Referral Commission’ and keep sending in the leads.

Call the Reel Keeper Referral Network today AND make the change!

Reel Keeper Referral Network, LLC

Steven J. Croy

Licensed Real Estate Broker


4720 Salisbury Rd.  |  Suite 108

Jacksonville, FL 32256

Office 904.414.4000  |  Fax  888-250-5795


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