The Truth about Short Sales

Short Sale

The Truth about Short Sales Many buyers think short sales are the way to go to get a deal on a home.  While that may have been true in 2010, it’s not necessarily the case today.  A short sale is when a homeowner owes more on his/her home than what is owed and is trying to sell the home for less than loan payoff;  (essentially asking the … [Read more...]

Rental Rat Race

Buy vs Rent

Think you can’t afford to buy a home…?  You can’t afford NOT to!   Rents went through the roof in 2014, have yet to slow down in 2015, and are expected to continue climbing well into next year.  According to Axiometrics, an apartment research firm in Dallas, Texas, U.S. annual rent growth was up 5.2 percent in September, the … [Read more...]