Buyers need to put your best foot forward…

Buyers Best Foot Forward

After you’ve found the right home and you’re ready to build an offer with your REALTOR®, what’s next for you as a Buyer? In this market, it’s important to put your best foot forward. Sellers are receiving multiple offers on a home and can choose to review multiple offers or, just negotiate with one Buyer. This doesn’t mean that you … [Read more...]

Wednesday – In a HOT Market be prepared to make a quick decision!

Making a Quick Decision in a Fast Paced Market

So, you have the pre-qual letter you are ready to start the house hunting process! It is important to know that the market here in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas is on an incredibly quick pace. Sellers are putting homes on the market and selling them within days - not weeks. What does this mean for you as Buyer? If you see a home … [Read more...]

Monday – Lender Pre-Qualification Letters & why Buyers need one

Lender Pre-Qual Letter Process

This week Reel Keeper Realty is going to identify some of the pitfalls that are affecting Buyers in today's fast pace market. The upcoming blogs will be about the things to watch out for as a Buyer and future blogs we will touch base on what Sellers can prepare for....  Monday – Lender Pre-Qualification Letters why Buyers need … [Read more...]

Counting our Blessings!


We would like to extend warm wishes to you and your families during Thanksgiving.   During this 2014 Thanksgiving Holiday, we are very grateful for our many buyers and sellers who have put their trust in us & we appreciate your loyalty.     Reel Keeper Realty will be closed tomorrow to count our blessings … [Read more...]

What is PITI?

Mortgage Calculator

Navigating the home buying process is tricky enough – but when acronyms are thrown into the mix, it can send you for a loop. We would like to review one of the most commonly used acronyms in the home buying process…  PITI P – Principal – this is the amount that you are borrowing. Depending on what program you are using & what … [Read more...]